Lupe Fiasco - Rest Up Big Homey...We Got It From Here (AUDIO)

George Floyd's death has been at the center of protests erupting across the globe against racism, systemic oppression, and police brutality. The four officers involved were arrested and charged this week, though that's the bare minimum of what needs to be done. Many artists and labels have pushed back releases this week in wake of the protests. Some, however, have used this moment to send out a message regarding the social climate of today.

Lupe Fiasco returned with a new track on his IG titled, "Rest Up Big Homey... We Got It From Here." Backed by a smooth lo-fi instrumental, Lupe Fiasco delivers a melodic and dreamy verse that reflects on the legacy of George Floyd. The song closes out with an inspirational clip of Floyd that has circulated since his passing. "One thing about ol' Floyd, I love the world.


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