They Found a Frozen Girl But What Happened Next Shocked Everyone

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BRIGHT SIDE 19 April 2019 09:45
Hey there guys! Which do you prefer: exteme cold or unbearable heat?
lilly rohde
lilly rohde Yesterday, 11:48
I survived a day without water
ItzStaямєω Official
ItzStaямєω Official 23 January 2020 12:47
I survived a 10 foot ladderBecause i was only at the first step XD
churchill's champion gamer
churchill's champion gamer 20 January 2020 03:41
Yea I hav heard wors storis Bi da wae wy ar yu coled bright side 😑. Oops I cant spel sory
Saiful Islam
Saiful Islam 18 January 2020 00:23
I believe you it's so cool
Terry chenault
Terry chenault 11 January 2020 22:56
A ladys parachute didnt open she hit the ground at max human velocity around 150 mph . Bounced iff and lived wo mAjor injury Looong ago Idk if she landed frobt first or back first....
BNJXGM Friends
BNJXGM Friends 10 January 2020 05:32
I've survived as being the only girl and middle child
flashback29 9 January 2020 22:45
i was driving on the road and then a person standing in a fiepd got struck by lightning
Rafique Tanoli
Rafique Tanoli 9 January 2020 11:04
its never good luck or chance its god's perfect plan
0pika_pik0 uvu
0pika_pik0 uvu 6 January 2020 20:45
In first grade I got almost struck by lighting.... The bell ringed and the teacher said we were sepose to go outside but then me and another boy in my class went out in a hurry cuz we were bored but after the teacher said to be careful and maybe not even go outside but it was to late me and the boy allready was outside we went to the football place yeah he was on the edge of it I was in the middle then the lightning struck I was blind for 5 min or 5 sec I can't remember but everyone was surprised I lived being 7 years mind you
Kevin Seward
Kevin Seward 6 January 2020 18:51
What 😳
メメтoхιc 6 January 2020 00:54
this comment will be found one day
Vertical Strike43
Vertical Strike43 5 January 2020 18:50
Miner inconvenience
Sonny Kearney
Sonny Kearney 5 January 2020 03:34
Brightside how do you survive Bloody Mary
xxxlovecookiesxx LOLxx
xxxlovecookiesxx LOLxx 4 January 2020 06:00
I have a survival story: I lost my Wifi for 1 HOLE MINUTE I ALMOST DIED!
Alora Cory
Alora Cory 4 January 2020 03:08
I think it depends which part of your brain because my stepdad got a piece of brain removed because of olfactory neuroblastoma and he can do everything, but his moods change FAST and he isn't the same
100,000 subs with video challenge
100,000 subs with video challenge 3 January 2020 17:16
Who's animating this
Judah Matthews
Judah Matthews 3 January 2020 04:46
Once I was sitting next to a stranger in public and that awkward silence between us hit me...
Maricar Pliego
Maricar Pliego 3 January 2020 00:49
Alyssa Burton
Alyssa Burton 2 January 2020 17:14
For the commet that if I'm watching in 2019 sadly im not its 2020 for me
Alyssa Burton
Alyssa Burton 2 January 2020 17:12
This is almost a survival story more like a funny story when my mom try to bite my ear off and this is a survival story my sister broke the same arm TWICE!!!!!!!!!
FastGirlStar 2 January 2020 02:28
the bright saide is right there must be a movie about all of these!
Jaydeep Sonawane
Jaydeep Sonawane 1 January 2020 11:33
Many things are happened with me like this!
Joseph Hindermann
Joseph Hindermann 30 December 2019 18:10
Benjamin Cherba
Benjamin Cherba 30 December 2019 16:26
ThereAreSomeTalkingKittens.Do you know which kitten is talking?Read the 5th line.
Hemalatha Rayapati
Hemalatha Rayapati 30 December 2019 10:33
Interesting only before seeing
Billy Masterson
Billy Masterson 30 December 2019 06:50
4:23 I’m amazed people just casually take their time to make their way inside when the weather becomes bad. Not saying to panic about something so mundane but you’d think they’d just go back inside.
Kotryna Eidukeviciute
Kotryna Eidukeviciute 29 December 2019 03:39
My grandfather cut his fingers off when he was building he put hes fingers in a bowl and they had to drive to four different hospital he lost 6 fingers but the is fine and he is still a builder
Keaton Wittwer
Keaton Wittwer 27 December 2019 06:02
Where’s my Minnesota gang at?!
Lisa Blaha
Lisa Blaha 26 December 2019 23:49
I'm a big lazy bones potato life person to!
Jen D'Alvarez
Jen D'Alvarez 26 December 2019 18:49
Gopal Jee
Gopal Jee 26 December 2019 16:35
Shakila Saeed
Shakila Saeed 26 December 2019 13:38
Nice dp but last one good
winyan mae jose
winyan mae jose 26 December 2019 04:39
Typo sorry
winyan mae jose
winyan mae jose 26 December 2019 04:38
I survived from the cold vacuame of space
Sampath Kumar
Sampath Kumar 26 December 2019 00:28
Peter hurkos
2026tweaver student
2026tweaver student 25 December 2019 20:40
I was omst about to be struck with litning 12 times
Paulina Parda
Paulina Parda 25 December 2019 17:25
i have survived bein electricuted a few times
Itz Sara - Challenges And Art
Itz Sara - Challenges And Art 24 December 2019 21:14
No!!! Wait!! Don’t scroll this comment!!! Oh well, for the people that are still here...Like and reply this comment because your amazing.❤️❤️❤️
Storm Chaser14
Storm Chaser14 24 December 2019 15:57
My survival story. I was born at 31 weeks in hurricane Katrina on august 27 I had to be adopted and I was living in Wisconsin. On my 13 birthday 17 tornadoes hit the city.
Thom studios
Thom studios 23 December 2019 21:42
Cold rather than heat
neda my life story
neda my life story 23 December 2019 15:55
I know some body who survived a head shot
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 22 December 2019 21:54
I have a gosh darn real survival story to tell.... so I was abt 7 and I was swimming pretty deep in the Atlantic Ocean in Montauk, then I slipped and fell on a slant underwater but I couldn’t get back up cause a giant wave kept pushing me down , luckily I can hold my breath for 1 min and 45 sec or I would’ve died for sure. I got my foot stuck underwater and pulled it out , and got up , but I was injured and couldn’t swim, but then a miracle happened . The ocean pushed me back onto the sand and I survived! That’s how I broke my ankle! (~_~) I’m still grateful to this very day.
tsukune aono
tsukune aono 22 December 2019 08:59
how lucky
mj juju
mj juju 22 December 2019 05:06
Ripley's Believe It or Not,frozen girl. For the hang gliding one there's actually a video on it go watch it pretty interesting though that guy has a really strong grip
Mimi meow
Mimi meow 21 December 2019 21:45
Are you serious it is sad and amazing Is she alive now ????
Meera Balasubramaniam
Meera Balasubramaniam 21 December 2019 05:07
999999 trillion kicks punches and slaps for jenny
Alan Meserve
Alan Meserve 21 December 2019 02:16
No worries man I have a couch potato too yay catch potato BFFs
Aina Turcal
Aina Turcal 20 December 2019 15:11
People People
People People 20 December 2019 06:27
Captain America only Marvel fans will onderstand