The Richest Man Refused to Pay for His Grandson

the richest
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BRIGHT SIDE 8 June 2019 15:47
Hey there, BrightSiders! How much do you need to earn to feel rich?:)
BROTHER TN 13 December 2019 00:47
He lived alone by choice... it really sucks to have a relationship with family members who only want your money!
Bella Linn
Bella Linn 10 December 2019 05:12
The "spared" detail. It took the boys ear being cut off to get a reaction from him. Then he ask for custody of all the children. What a nasty horrible man.
Deevog 3 December 2019 19:42
Old richer peoples act same i.e Warren Buffet still using an old Car
Smooth Bobby
Smooth Bobby 30 November 2019 09:25
J. PAUL GETTY was correct in NOT PAYING the kidnappers. If you pay them, then there will be more kidnappings.
Anne Baybee
Anne Baybee 28 November 2019 16:23
He was so poor, that the only thing he had was money.Money is meant to be used not to be kept. When you die, you won't be able to bring it with you. Enjoy as long as you have it. Learn to share. Be generous not only to oneself but also to others. There's so much more important in life than earning money.Imagine he worked hard all his life to earn billions only to end up not being able to spend it up to the last centavo that he worked for.
Paka Lolo
Paka Lolo 27 November 2019 22:06
See money is the roots of all evil.
chris bush
chris bush 21 November 2019 23:06
2:33... what in the world is mark walburg doing there ???
Shan 20 November 2019 03:42
He was right! It would put the other kids at risk. And did the police catch the kidnappers?
Yana Dugi
Yana Dugi 19 November 2019 07:08
I have watched his biography movie
Vin G
Vin G 18 November 2019 17:11
But then he did pay the money and freed his grandson right . Why is no one talking talking of this . Unsung heroes stories are always like this .
Ken Rose
Ken Rose 17 November 2019 16:34
"Horrific details"? Come on, the people can handle it.
Blakes Liberator
Blakes Liberator 17 November 2019 11:13
I think that Franklin's thrifty lifestyle, whilst being extreme, is one we could take a leaf out of the book from.
Blakes Liberator
Blakes Liberator 17 November 2019 11:11
He already told us why he was reluctant to pay the ransom. On top of being ultra-thrifty, he didn't t believe in paying kidnappers. He has a point.
16 November 2019 02:46
Typical Jew
Jeaninn Alexis
Jeaninn Alexis 14 November 2019 16:49
Mr. Krabs: Hold my nickels 😂
king star
king star 13 November 2019 11:15
Not even his son it's his son's son Remember he said he have 14 other grandchildren.
Yeet 11 November 2019 04:09
them : john paul getty-my mind : GETTY IMAGES
JW 10 November 2019 18:41
Come on admit it. You guys that are so cheap and so chintzy and put money before your own families' lives, you're Republicans aren't you?
Dan Schwartz
Dan Schwartz 7 November 2019 12:02
You'll spare us the details? Everyone knows they cut off his ear. So did the grandfather refuse to pay because he was stingy? Or because he didn't want to encourage more kidnappings of the rich, similar to the U.S. governments "we don't negotiate with terrorists" policy.
adam adam
adam adam 6 November 2019 20:01
The man wasn't greedy he was smart. He would only put his other grandchildren in danger.
Ugypt Kutan
Ugypt Kutan 6 November 2019 06:36
I respect this dude👍👍
Disco Biker Barefoot Acrylics
Disco Biker Barefoot Acrylics 5 November 2019 22:00
That man was more evil than the kidnappers. Greed does terrible things to your soul.
Beverly Rhame
Beverly Rhame 5 November 2019 19:08
Did he install a cash register in the kitchen so that he could sell his friends any food from his kitchen?.....Was he able to pay off the grim reaper to make him live for ever?....Well then his riches couldn’t really help him when it counted the most
Anwar Nayani
Anwar Nayani 5 November 2019 15:49
Where is his money 💰 now ?and where he is now ? some one ☝️ else is enjoying his Money 💴 💰 greed greedy
Sonny Delight
Sonny Delight 3 November 2019 15:47
Read the book "As I see it" to learn about J. Paul Getty.
AJ breitung
AJ breitung 31 October 2019 22:16
Well Mr.Getty does have a point. If it happens once, then it can happen again and again. I would do everything I could, then catch the bad guys. Then get the money back. Then throw the bad guys in prison.
Kinley Pelzang
Kinley Pelzang 31 October 2019 05:16
May be he was waiting for ransom price to drop... As it did..
Mathwose Haile
Mathwose Haile 30 October 2019 01:44
Preston White
Preston White 29 October 2019 07:10
He may have pinched pennies but he leaves one of the greatest legacies of any human for all to see at the Getty Museum..
Mulla Bro
Mulla Bro 28 October 2019 21:06
Mr. Getty was the hard working man..... he valued every penny, so he spents his money very well...... if a hardworking man has a spoiled son or grandson for whom money is just a paper or number it becomes very hard for mr.getty.... like preparing a very big empire and your future generations doesn't value it and spend it for unwanted luxuries.... that must have mad him very sad..... and this would be the reason why he didn't want things to go easy for his kids so that they could learn a lesson.....
Mr. 谢谢
Mr. 谢谢 28 October 2019 16:18
*Grandfather disagrees to pay the ransom moneyKidnappers: What the f***k?Grandson: AM I A JOKE TO YOU???!!!😁
winston videos Easy peasy
winston videos Easy peasy 27 October 2019 14:47
do you own the easy peasy channel?
conanbarbrien 27 October 2019 13:14
Some say that his last quote was "I wish one of my wives loves me" was just a hoax.
Richard Segura
Richard Segura 26 October 2019 12:31
I think once you got that many grandkids from that many broken marriages the old man would be a cynical mess.
Senait Fisseha
Senait Fisseha 25 October 2019 18:48
that is true
Jhodan Garcia
Jhodan Garcia 25 October 2019 17:38
Pera mhlga sau shame on u Pera nplitan pero bhay kht maggulong gulong ka d mo n bblik bhay atleast pnkta mo mhlga at mhal mo sya as Lolo stupido kgya k ng dyos wlang mlaskit
youtubeuser 25 October 2019 01:35
That's how Trump did business when he did business with contractors who did business providing products or services to his 3 casinos in Atlantic City. Just pay pennies on the dollar and repeatedly file for bankruptcy and screwing over small Mom and Pop businesses.
Morgan Hull
Morgan Hull 24 October 2019 23:24
vivek nair
vivek nair 24 October 2019 20:41
Hey Bright side... Can u make a video on how much money he took with him when he passed!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sophia Sutton
Sophia Sutton 22 October 2019 13:00
My last name is Sutton lol
Sophia Sutton
Sophia Sutton 22 October 2019 12:56
Uh umm IDK what to say
Senny 22 October 2019 12:21
These pictures you're showing in the video, was this the guy who was rich?
p h
p h 20 October 2019 10:57
Thats how they make the money...but with all this money..its just redicolous ..miserable people..!!they dont know how to live life!!what if he had billions...its no use to anybody..not even for himself..the good thing is when these people pass..some other can have a better life!!
Eva Lenie Lanceta
Eva Lenie Lanceta 20 October 2019 08:58
Smart he is Smart
Just Observing
Just Observing 19 October 2019 05:51
Small dogs barks, big dogs attack without notice. Pick where side are you?
c money
c money 17 October 2019 09:15
I wonder how much of that wealth he took with him to the upper/lower room?
D J 16 October 2019 09:12
He is great Person
GetA Job
GetA Job 14 October 2019 14:30
He knew the kidnappers would be encouraged to terrorize the rest of his family, from then on, if he gave in once.
Yaña Aviñez
Yaña Aviñez 13 October 2019 21:55
If u have a wealthy parents, that’s your parents wealth. Not yours or your child/ren’s. Work hard to become successful on your own. the old man made a good decision.