Пушистая игрушка заинтересовала Ичель. 6-й день.

пушистая игрушка
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Freefalling into grace
Freefalling into grace 14 January 2020 15:39
Hello, everyone 🙋‍♀️ Happy Tuesday. Sorry, boss, I'll be late today again. 🤷‍♀️🐯💕🐾0:07 Who is laying down so gracefully over here? Hello, young lady, hello. Ichel hisses and growls. Sasha: yes, I'm very happy to see you too! How are you doing today? Ichel hisses and growls again.Sasha: Oh, like that, huh? I see. Ok. What are they showing on the "Window TV" today? So, you're just gonna stare out the window? Don't want to go outside any more? Np. It's windy today, so we only went for a short walk today - about 15 min. Ichel hisses once.Sasha: Oh, sorry, twenty? Ok, guys, Ichel says it was 20 minutes. Ichel hisses again.Sasha: Ok, she says it was even longer than 20 minutes, then we got cold and came in to warm up. The door is open, but we've decided to look out the window instead. Today is quite warm - minus 1 C (30 F) but she's decided to stay inside. Ichel growls.Sasha: You're my pretty girl, you're my good kitty, yes, yes, very scary, I know. You're the most dangerous beast in the entire world - I got it! The most dangerous and fierce. Can't find a more fierce one than you in the entire world. But maybe I could interest you in this thing I have? Let me show you. Introduces the toy.For now we have to use a stick for mediate any communication, but we will figure it out soon. This is just a temporary thing. Shows her the rabbit tail. 2:15 Look, this used to be a bunny. You can bite it if you'd like. Don't want to bite it? 2:30 (uses it as a mic) A few words about your cat life, please! Your life was hard, wasn't it? This is "Fluffy". Can Fluffy give Ichel a few pets? Yes, Fluffy is allowed. Ichel gets up.Sasha: ok, ok. We don't want pets any more, nor Fluffy. Maybe I should leave it as a toy. Will you play with Fluffy? Look, it's yours now. Let's see what happens if I just leave it. I love watching a cat get curious. I have to be silent and pretend I'm not here to let her explore it without interruption.5:30 After Ichel brings back the rabbit tail and puts it down in front of Sasha, he mentions that she acts like a normal dog who wants to play fetch. She starts growling.Sasha: Why the growling? I brought this for you, it's yours, I'm not taking it away. You put it at my feet yourself. This is your toy - Messi has the other rabbit tail.7:15 Sasha: Ahhh, I got it. You want toys? Even though you're a grown up girl, cats don't really grow up, do they? Just like men...(Sasha's words, not mine 🤣) I should bring a lot of toys and scatter them around on the shelves, so you can fetch and collect them...? Ichel nods yes! 😃Sasha: I'm curious if cat personalities can change. If a cat is a meany, can she turn into a sweet and loving girl? You are my beautiful girl, my good girl. No need to put your tail between your legs - you're at home. Time to wash your face? OK, can I take the toy? Want more pets from Fluffy? No? Ok. I love you. I'll come back a little later to install the door, so you can go for a walk whenever you want to.
Anastasiia Andrusyshyna
Anastasiia Andrusyshyna Today, 17:03
какой вы все таки для них папа !!! Вы их любите и это прёт даже через видео !!! Ичель вас примет!! Ещё никто не устоял против такой любви :) спасибо вам за вашу любовь к этим котикам
Ruby M.
Ruby M. Today, 11:58
That is one beauuuuutiful cheetah!! So lucky to have the best animal parents in the world!!!! And they have the patients and love this creature needs.
алина шокина
алина шокина Yesterday, 22:16
Красавица! Ножки длинненькие! Вот где венец творения!
Katya Bo
Katya Bo Yesterday, 18:37
Как же мило Саша говорит со зверюшками!)
Наталья Шемшур
Наталья Шемшур Yesterday, 14:55
Конечно тяжело Ичель адаптироваться по сравнению с Месси, которого взяли совсем ребенком, и он себя чувствует любимым сыночком, но любовь, терпение Саши и Маши, желание быть с Ичель растопят ее сердечко и стена недоверия падёт. Ребята вы молодцы.
Юля Левченко
Юля Левченко Yesterday, 13:08
Саша как с детьми разговаривает.Мои хорошии кошечки.Какие у неё апортоменты.👍Бедные животные в цирках и в зоо где плохо ухаживают и нет ласки и сытных обедов.Ласка сотворит чудо.У вас столько терпения..Низкий поклон.Счастья вам❤👍Так интерестно наблюдать.Какая кравишна.Молча до утра😀
Kat M
Kat M Yesterday, 11:19
I love how you talk to her...
Fox News
Fox News Yesterday, 08:31
Donald Trump to ban outside videos on YouTube.
K G 19 January 2020 22:13
Жалко Ичель, ей одиноко...
Phillip Damron
Phillip Damron 19 January 2020 19:36
Berry sweet little baby!! Go easy on him he is timid.... .... Your kind heart will bring him to love you ❤️❣️😍 God bless you my Russian brother from your brother in America 🙏
Katy Bardinu
Katy Bardinu 19 January 2020 13:50
Николай Илинбаев
Николай Илинбаев 19 January 2020 13:35
Зашуганный гепард
Mercedes Mass
Mercedes Mass 19 January 2020 10:17
Icel is precious as well as Messi. I'm ashamed of being a human, honestly. I prefer animals' company!
Neelam Bhatt
Neelam Bhatt 19 January 2020 04:05
Can you please provide her with some bedding and a blanket please, her legs are going to hurt sitting on the hard flooring!
Neelam Bhatt
Neelam Bhatt 19 January 2020 04:03
Can you include English subtitles, I don't understand a thing.
jane miller
jane miller 19 January 2020 01:13
Why doesnt this girl have a soft bed? Or a blanket maybe?
Lori Spataro
Lori Spataro 19 January 2020 00:11
I like her I mean I'm at those teeth are big and I think maybe it's time for some toys
RU Smiling
RU Smiling 18 January 2020 21:32
Wonder how she would respond to calm classical music?
KassiMur 18 January 2020 21:14
кошка как женщина сначала вся такая стерва ,а потом - раз и милаха, а потом раз и снова стерва)))))))))))))))))))))......... корочь встряли вы ..... к котам это не относится)))))
javelier hermine
javelier hermine 18 January 2020 15:18
Comment peut on être d accord avec de telles conditions . Un léopard enfermé dans un environnement habitation alors que cet animal est fait pour courrir. Après le PUMA c est maintenant le léopard. Maltraitance animale. Ces gens gens là se disent amis des animaux et les sauver!!!!! Il y a d exellents parcs animaliers pour les accueillir. Heureusement qu en France cela est condamnable. A BANIR...HORRIBLE....
Małgorzata Karolak
Małgorzata Karolak 18 January 2020 13:03
Лариса Ивановна
Лариса Ивановна 18 January 2020 10:23
Спасибо вам ребята за хорошее отношение к животным.
No Name
No Name 18 January 2020 09:00
Она к Маше больше тянется,мамина дочка)))
Annette Carmody
Annette Carmody 18 January 2020 04:25
Shasha knows what he is doing and doing a great job....a great clean homes for their animals...I don’t think we should tell them what to do as we are not trained to do this......keep up the great job Shasha and Masha.....love from 🇦🇺 Australia.....💖💖💖
Luis Marrero
Luis Marrero 18 January 2020 01:16
Su pienso que si la hubiesen criado desde bebita igual que messi fuera menos riesgo ok cojalon de consejo
Luis Marrero
Luis Marrero 18 January 2020 01:13
Mira como es su reaccion al dad darle cariño ...no confies dad ...
Luis Marrero
Luis Marrero 18 January 2020 01:11
A usted le gustan esas mascotas y es usted y su esposa tremendos seres humanos con la puma pero por favor cuidado con esta leopard que es timida pero ya es grande a diferencia de messi que fue de bebe ok me asusto verlos dentro con ella ..bueno ni messi puma le gusta jugar con ella ok
Sonja Andreevna
Sonja Andreevna 17 January 2020 23:51
Очень красивая мадам 😻 Удачи вам в ваших начинаниях ! Я верю что сделайте из Ичель ласковую кису !!
A-HVlogs 17 January 2020 21:14
So did they get a cheetah?
КСЕНИЯ АЛЕКСА 17 January 2020 17:50
Она боится палки
Lily Iva
Lily Iva 17 January 2020 16:02
Игрушки ей нужны, ей скучно..
Lily Iva
Lily Iva 17 January 2020 16:01
Палка она и есть палка.На неё видимо замахивались такой.Она боится и соответственно пытается дать отпор
Red Fury
Red Fury 17 January 2020 15:17
Палки для этой кисы, как оружие пыток
Эльвира Яковлева
Эльвира Яковлева 17 January 2020 11:31
На счёт игрушек хорошо бы,а вот палочку лучше выбросить
Joe A
Joe A 17 January 2020 00:01
Why don't you give her any toys or rawhides to keep her occupied?
Cindy Rizzato
Cindy Rizzato 16 January 2020 23:41
I wish they had live cameras! I'd never get anything done lol.
Alex A
Alex A 16 January 2020 20:59
Ичель неадекват, поосторожнее с ней. Это не Месси
forever heath
forever heath 16 January 2020 20:22
I think you are doing a wonderful job❤ maybe I'm showing my ignorance of what big cats need but wouldn't she like some soft bedding? I just know my little kitties always seek out the softest sleeping spots. Usually my pillow 😂
Two Brothers In Mumbai
Two Brothers In Mumbai 16 January 2020 19:30
Icel looks scared... #twobrothersinmumbai
Pana Spider
Pana Spider 16 January 2020 19:03
Pumas will be 8-13 years old so at some point you will need a new cat to replace Messi in order to continue earning money with YouTube and television, leopards can even be up to 17 years old, perfect to earn money until retirement, but not a cat in the world can replace Messi's cute face and his human behavior. With no cat in the world can man do all that man can do with Messi
Дети и Живность
Дети и Живность 16 January 2020 18:53
Истеричка больная! 😱
Theresa Pappas
Theresa Pappas 16 January 2020 17:52
Hi, can you give her a blanket, and some toys. Please. Theresa newyork
Ника Мухамедова
Ника Мухамедова 16 January 2020 15:50
ичель жмурит глазки это значит она боится
Ника Мухамедова
Ника Мухамедова 16 January 2020 15:48
ичель нужны мягкие игрушки без палки еще кошки очень любят мяч погонять
ethan boen
ethan boen 16 January 2020 11:44
Just sitting here like, can’t that cheetah eat him if he wanted, that stare is freaky! Lol
Monique H
Monique H 16 January 2020 10:42
These are wild animals who thrive in warm climates. It is disgusting to take them away from their families and environment and stick them in a large cage in a freezing climate where they can't run or hunt or socially interact with their kind. These are not pets!
joy M
joy M 16 January 2020 10:09
J'adore Messi et les vidéos. Mais là, un guépard?? Je trouve ça triste pour l'animal. Il a l'air triste et surtout de s'ennuyer et ça peut être dangereux. Pour avoir des abonnés et des "like"? Cet animal à besoin de grands espaces, de courir...
Настя Анисенкова
Настя Анисенкова 16 January 2020 08:52
А гепард с ними живёт ?
TheSister58 16 January 2020 07:49
игрушка Ичельке не понравилась....