TOP 5 BEST THAI DISHES! | My Favorite Thai Food in Bangkok, Thailand!

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Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens 4 November 2018 02:10
How did you like this video!? Thanks to Greg from Travizeo ( for filming and editing. Here are the dishes and restaurants:1. Braised beef fire pot (เกาเหลาเนื้อหม้อไฟ) at Heng Chun Seng (ร้าน เฮ้งชุนเส็ง) - 2. Holy basil stir fry (กระเพราหมูสับ) at Ung Jia Huad (ร้านอึ้งเจี่ยฮวด) - 3. Green papaya salad (ตำปูปลาร้า) Stall on Sukhumvit 4. Fish viscera curry (แกงไตปลา) at Janhom (ร้านจันทร์หอม) - 5. Jungle curry (แกงป่า) at Pla Mae Nam (ร้านปลาแม่น้ำ) - Thank you for watching and keep eating Thai food!
owan wing
owan wing 3 December 2019 08:40
Try beef suop Wattana Panichi 336-338 Ekamai Road.After this shop, you wouldn't want to eat at Heng chub seng. Price is cheap at Heng chin seng but mai aroi & dirty to walk through wet & smell markets
Andreas Hall
Andreas Hall 2 December 2019 08:02
Mark, you should come try the southern food in Khao lak. We have one restaurant that serves the best i have ever tried in the south.They are also on michelin recommended list. authentic :)
euigenemah mah
euigenemah mah 2 December 2019 02:29
Wow...makes my saliva dripping
Paradorn Aumpunpong
Paradorn Aumpunpong 2 December 2019 02:04
Everything you ate also my favorite dishesI’m living in the US watching your videos make me wanna go back to where I came fromRespect. 🙏
Janssen Voilera
Janssen Voilera 30 November 2019 07:35
I love all of you videos please make more and you’re good in thai language too teach me pls haha
Barry Jackson
Barry Jackson 26 November 2019 19:48
I really hate the pathetic vlogs that a lot of foreigners do on here they bore me stupid, what a breath of fresh air this video is I love thai food and eat it all the time in Thailand, you chose some of my favourite thai food and i love your enthusiasm for food and the people who run theses amazing restaurants, well done
Terry Dietz
Terry Dietz 26 November 2019 05:58
You haven't a clue what u are talking about
Terry Dietz
Terry Dietz 26 November 2019 05:50
You look, talk, eat and sound weird
KH Tripadvisor
KH Tripadvisor 25 November 2019 06:42
Tanyagorn Tansuwongs
Tanyagorn Tansuwongs 23 November 2019 08:50
15:09 just want to say real quick that the ก๊วยจั๊บ shop behind you is reaaaally good. Went to high school in that soi and their ก๊วยจั๊บ is very delicious and "Summer Ice" ice-shave shop has good menu too
Danielle Noriega Lee
Danielle Noriega Lee 23 November 2019 08:01
Gaeng Pa looks like the Malaysian and South East Asian Malay dish called Ikan Assam Pedas or Sour Spicy Sweet ish Fish Cooked in Chilies and Spices and Herbs
Edgar Valdez
Edgar Valdez 22 November 2019 18:44
Ryota Suzuki
Ryota Suzuki 22 November 2019 18:24
my favorite video of mark wiens
Tak Chadwick
Tak Chadwick 17 November 2019 21:23
คิดถึงอาหารไทยที่สุดเลยค่า กะเพราที่อเมริกาค่ายากมาก
Uwe Kasper
Uwe Kasper 17 November 2019 11:45
which Soi it the isan food kitchen?
Neil L
Neil L 17 November 2019 09:53
Wow, the production quality in this vid is off the charts. Mark should use him more often
evol me
evol me 17 November 2019 02:39
In Amphoe Ta-klee (Nakornsawan Province), there's a morning food shop called Je Lek (เจ๊เล็ก). They make the most delicious Pad Kaprao I've ever had. There's something special about its taste, and I guess it's caused by some secret ingredient. I've never found this style of Pad Kaprao anywhere else including my mother's, which is the best too but in another style. I RECOMMEND you try Je Lek's Pad Kaprao some day.Try it with their fried pork-mixed and matched. Undiscovered jem!By the way, in Pad Kaprao there should not be long beans or any other vegetable apart from basil leaves, garlic, and chili, which originate the unique taste of Pad Kaprao.
Sammy Radio1999
Sammy Radio1999 13 November 2019 21:39
Kai's Trip!
Kai's Trip! 13 November 2019 18:53
All those chillis, not a single flinch. He feels his tongue tingle little bit! Mine would ne burning in hell!
buddy smith
buddy smith 13 November 2019 18:17
I have just one comment for all your programmes :- Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins !
Invisible man Invisible man
Invisible man Invisible man 12 November 2019 17:47
Hate that word cilantroIt’s CORIANDER
Jean 11 November 2019 20:58
Long beans in pad krapao is like pineapple on pizza. It's heresy.
Single dad life
Single dad life 11 November 2019 19:04
Not going to Lie I hate your face when you bite something. But I've grown to love your vids. Coming to bangkok in march and if your around and have time I'd love to buy you a meal lol.
priscilla carolina miranda
priscilla carolina miranda 10 November 2019 23:55
Delicia esses pratos !✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼💕💕💕💕💕
Venkat V
Venkat V 9 November 2019 17:32
You are the best food traveller in world 'Mark'. Keep it up 👍
Garinho Da Silva
Garinho Da Silva 7 November 2019 10:37
So this is what Joseph Gordon Levitt does when he's not busy acting in a movie
High Flyer
High Flyer 7 November 2019 10:24
Was at spot No 2 just now amazing value thanks for trying it for us Mark! Hope Russia is treating you as well as Thailand for me!!
Thisisedwin EddyVlog
Thisisedwin EddyVlog 7 November 2019 04:13
sky dive
sky dive 6 November 2019 21:07
Me too one day I like to eat with mark and ying
sky dive
sky dive 6 November 2019 21:01
So yummy
Julie Virtue
Julie Virtue 5 November 2019 14:47
Mark is the bomb!
Folashade Bello
Folashade Bello 4 November 2019 12:29
Today make this video one year.Wow congratulations mark
Suave Chiang
Suave Chiang 4 November 2019 05:45
@24:05 Mark Wiens, the fish is actually Pompano.
Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic 3 November 2019 22:47
10:10 that would of killed me.
kuroonna 16
kuroonna 16 3 November 2019 22:24
"I wanna eat with Mark Wiens."Me too.
Haejung Kim
Haejung Kim 3 November 2019 20:33
Hi Mark! Thanks for all your amazing videos on international foods. We’re going to Thailand soon for the first time and been watching all of your Thailand blogs. Are any menus in English or are we able to order food w/o speaking any Thailand language?
kyotosal 2 November 2019 18:07
Hi Mark. I read that your restaurant is at BTS Eckamai. Please tell me what Soi it's on. Thank you.......Sal : )
Dan Bond
Dan Bond 2 November 2019 15:25
I’d be dying if i’ll eat that much of chilis
rfromtx 1 November 2019 20:31
Just added 2 of these dishes to my list of 1000 dishes to taste before I die...! Thanks Mark.
A. K
A. K 31 October 2019 10:28
1:25...I feel less manly.... much much, less manly.
shairajoy lucas
shairajoy lucas 30 October 2019 05:23
I want to taste Thai foods and drinks.
rushmita farah
rushmita farah 27 October 2019 00:31
Do they eat snakes? 🤢🤮
Armin Infinity
Armin Infinity 26 October 2019 09:56
You are great ... I really love your videos keep going on Mark ! I am Thai and so proud of Thailand ..
Nana 25 October 2019 20:15
I'm Thai, and I can't even choose my favorite dishes, because I like it all! :D
Joshua Thao
Joshua Thao 24 October 2019 09:26
I wish the states had that that tendon dish I would devour it
Muk ea Lee ja.
Muk ea Lee ja. 23 October 2019 20:55
OMG..! I wanted to try some of the food too 555
Unfavourably 23 October 2019 18:21
This is the first time I saw Ying in full view - and she's equally smiley as Mark! Amazing.
momomi1977 23 October 2019 00:07
ฝรั่งอะไรว่ะ กินเผ็ดกว่าเราอีก ดูท่าเขาจะรักการใช้ชีวิตในเมืองไทยมาก
Halu Travel
Halu Travel 22 October 2019 15:13
I love Fish viscera curry , i love Thai street food ,If you are a big fan of Vietnamese street food, you can see more in my channel :)