Russian Couple Adopted A Wild Animal, Now He’s The First Domesticated Puma In The World..

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rakshitha shetty
rakshitha shetty Today, 02:55
We are watching him every day.he is so cute,obedient to his human parents.really messi is a lucky puma👍🏻😘
Violeta Kovacheva
Violeta Kovacheva Yesterday, 23:17
I am a kid that's all this is my moms accawnt
wobbly nostrils
wobbly nostrils Yesterday, 18:10
"Pooma" 😂😭
Ed Burton
Ed Burton Yesterday, 10:57
Sorry guys. Messi is great, but he's not the only "domesticated puma" in the world. I had friends in Spokane, WA USA who had a full grown puma. (City idiots refused to reapprove his cage, so they moved elsewhere in the state to a small town. He was a big 'ol friendly lover too! BIG lap cat!
Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure
Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure Yesterday, 02:03
Can you imagine the looks when they take Messi out for a walk??? 😁😁😁I don't even know what I'd think if I saw one by me. I would be in awe.
Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure
Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure Yesterday, 02:01
"Laid eyes on the kitten"-Cuts to shot of full-grown dog-sized kitty being held 😁😁
FORTYFOUR MINUTES Yesterday, 01:15
Tony Robert
Tony Robert 11 November 2019 20:57
Diablo the puma and the animal whisperer .another gr8 story to check out
Steven Devol
Steven Devol 11 November 2019 05:33
Yes yes yes ,,,this kind of stuff is what we all wish for ,,,and do not lie,,,iif any of us had a chance to do this we would with out a second thought now then ,,,to messi ,ths people that arw trying to mess with you didn't bother to go and see him from the beginning, of his journey,,, its just like your group, to after thing you. Know nothing about,,and the FACT that someone was able to work with a good cause something that was not supposed to be workable go to show you ,that you real dont know nothing about mother NATURE and beyond, meaning you should be grateful that this whent the way it did ,,,,and when you respond that the cat should put into the wild just goes to show,,,,,,that just because you did think of it, first ,lets put this cat that has no ideal how to live in the wild and even if you put him in the wild ,,,what promise can you make he would be safe , if you have such concerns then were was you when all this went down , ALL ANIMALS HAVE A WILD SIDE TO THEM , EVEN US AND THAT'S WERE YOU SHOULD START ,,,,,SO LEAVE THESE NICE PEOPLE ALONE, LEAVE MISSEA ALONE ,AND GO FIGHT A GOOD CAUSE ,LIKE LETS SAY THE SNOW TIGERS THAT IS ON OUR EXTENSION LIST ,,, OR THE EAGLES WHERE WERE YOU THEN ,, so sit back down and look over whar realy needs our help and HELP ,,,AND TO THE PARENT'S OF MESSIA ,,,FANTASTIC JOB YOU ARE A BLESSINGS, THANK YOU,,,,, GREAT STORY OF LOVE THEY ANIMALS
1Frogs Foot
1Frogs Foot 11 November 2019 04:57
That cat is going to KILL THEM IN THEIR SLEEP!! A wild animal is wild you can not DOMESTICATE A WILD ANIMAL!!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!!
Norbert Trujano
Norbert Trujano 10 November 2019 22:53
Beautiful animal with beautiful people 🙃
Janice Connett
Janice Connett 10 November 2019 20:31
SHEBA, in Oceanside, CA was also a rescued Puma...I played with her many times. She was legally cared for by a man as she could not be released or put in a zoo. She lived to be quite old.
achillies40 10 November 2019 08:01
They have their own site. "I am Puma" He's so cute. I love him so much. I want to meet him.....ahhhhhhh one can wish.
Stephanie Smalley
Stephanie Smalley 9 November 2019 04:25
Really mom
Scott Tilden
Scott Tilden 8 November 2019 23:43
I would still say a zoo in the U.S. would have been able to take him in rather then domesticate him.
Todd bob
Todd bob 8 November 2019 11:31
Gurantee this animal will attack the owner if pissed off.
octo333 6 November 2019 02:24
This is terrible. Return him to the wild
dio the frist wryyy
dio the frist wryyy 3 November 2019 22:18
Is is wrong to say I am jealous
Robert Berger
Robert Berger 31 October 2019 06:03
Messi is incredible puma sometime she behaves like a dog I think the cougars are misunderstood I think there is more than 1 Messi like a cougar
Jo Bob
Jo Bob 18 October 2019 00:34
He is quite a content kitty for sure. I love the Sphinx too. I'm sure all of the attention makes a world of difference.
Shep dgc.og.soldier
Shep dgc.og.soldier 14 October 2019 18:45
This cat should be put in a wildlife reserve so it can be a little more “free”. Is a good story and glad it’s alive but it’s no way for a wild cat to live. It is not a domesticated animal.This person wanted a wild animal,I suppose he was going to get one either way,it’s quite a shame. It may seem tame but it’s a wild animal by nature and by instincts. Something is bound to happen. It most always does when you try to tame a wild animal,sadly.
security 29 September 2019 09:26
Tamamen evcil olmuş
Jack Parker
Jack Parker 28 September 2019 21:28
When in the midst of Rage that playful Saint Bernard was also launching attack on her the owner intermittently. While she was trying to pull him off the six-year-old. That nature lies within all animals
Jack Parker
Jack Parker 28 September 2019 21:27
There was once an attack by Saint Bernard on a 6 year old neighbor boy who was playing with 6 year old girl of the owner.. the boy yelled in their play at the six year old girl the ordinary playful Saint Bernard that allow the kids to ride its back launched into assault on the 6 year old boy.. the mother of 6 year old girl. Tried to call off pull off the dog erroneously.. Instead of doing what she eventually did which was grab a shotgun and blow the dogs head off partially. And then another shot.. the six year old boy died because of her irrational delay of the mother... apprehensively acting on a dog that would have had to been put down anyway at the onset of the attack.
Jack Parker
Jack Parker 28 September 2019 21:18
There is a language in the wild.. but I think before such a release there must be carefully metered trials with other Pumas.
Jack Parker
Jack Parker 28 September 2019 21:16
I think maybe at worst release Into the Wild. Not put down I think that's presumptuous vein Behavior by humans.
Jack Parker
Jack Parker 28 September 2019 21:16
I worry about the walks in the wild.. Could be dangerous for the Puma but maybe nevertheless necessary.. I think absolutely essential to be proactive and study Pumas as much as possible.. Complacency always has no place. As with any dog never leave alone with a child and be prepared to deal with an incident quickly. It's not good to formulate mentally sometimes but that means yes with deadly quickness.. should a child or person be under what is possible from domestic pets dogs to attack. Complacency has no place.. but keep encountering this being as an equal. Very precious
Heru Cahyana
Heru Cahyana 28 September 2019 07:05
I_Am_Puma 😍😁
WaNNa lil ganja g
WaNNa lil ganja g 28 September 2019 03:40
Messi is a handsome well behaved big boy
Edmund Aspelund
Edmund Aspelund 27 September 2019 22:59
exception to the rule dont think cougars can be pets they will break your neck magestic wonderful animals from a distance
J W Campbell
J W Campbell 27 September 2019 21:43
Matt Damon should never be allowed back in the United States!
Overwatch93 27 September 2019 15:06
Yeah, thats tame, not domesticated
Miss A
Miss A 25 September 2019 20:15
letha bershell
letha bershell 25 September 2019 14:15
Messie is a goodboy , well behave manners cute smart, and too. Cute.
mojave19 23 September 2019 16:09
Not the first domesticated puma! In Westminster, California—less than an hour from Hollywood—a pro wrestler back in the 70s named The Great John L had a domesticated puma. He lived across the street from a pal of mine and we’d seen him walking his big cat on a leash. Then there was the puma starring in the old movie Charlie the Lonesome Cougar—a tame puma, probably domesticated to be tame. I think there are others. That said, I don’t like it. Should be left in the wild. It’s dangerous for us and not the best for the animal (unless the animal is disabled or unavoidably has become dependent on humans).
Anu George
Anu George 22 September 2019 18:31
Kirrak so sweet😘😘😘
Anu George
Anu George 22 September 2019 18:16
Messi boy adorable
Steven Lengenfelder
Steven Lengenfelder 21 September 2019 17:00
He's such a loving cat. And when they took him to obedience school, he did better then the dogs haha. Should watch that video. His whiskers. So damn cute.
Alan Day
Alan Day 20 September 2019 20:47
Powerpoint slide show video? Almost as bad as robot voiced videos.
Tia S.
Tia S. 19 September 2019 13:19
I’d rather Messi be with people who will treat him with love and respect than to be put down. ❤️❤️
Sony Abraham
Sony Abraham 19 September 2019 11:41
A great fan of Puma Messi.. Happy to always seen him in I_am_Puma
AsianPerson3 19 September 2019 01:09
LMFAO a shock collar at all times. Domestication takes thousands of years through interaction with man. Even if this became "legal" on a world wide basis you won't see a truly domesticated animal for years. He will grow up. And may turn. Out you may get "lucky".
Frank Granovski
Frank Granovski 18 September 2019 23:55
A British Columbia family had a pet cougar (puma) sometime in the 70's.
gppe huyt
gppe huyt 18 September 2019 11:40
bananaman 18 September 2019 09:02
Wild animals can be taken in, you just have to have a very great understanding of their instincts
Frauke Schmidt
Frauke Schmidt 15 September 2019 16:31
Beautiful story. Amazing people. This is an exception to the rule, of course.
hard truth
hard truth 6 September 2019 02:11
cats and dogs evolved in a very short amount of time from the lynx and wolf, by breeding the mild-mannered ones just like messi. besides they trim his claws
g a
g a 6 September 2019 01:36
Most beautiful and sweetest puma in the world. Love you Messi.
Sanjukta Mehrotra
Sanjukta Mehrotra 4 September 2019 16:19
Messi and his family are an example to many of us animal lovers. They have our love and blessings and huge support from India. Love always
calvinlimgo 4 September 2019 06:26
You gotta wonder what's the work of the couple to be able to afford this lifestyle.