Уловки пумы Месси. Перед этим невозможно устоять.

уловки пумы
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bette rogers
bette rogers Yesterday, 07:17
Aww he wants to go too such a GOOD furbaby he wants to go too
Нина Попова
Нина Попова 20 January 2020 19:52
❤Папин сын!👍😂🐈
Анастасия Спиридонова
Анастасия Спиридонова 20 January 2020 18:32
Не могла удержаться от слез умиления!! ❤️
Юля Левченко
Юля Левченко 15 January 2020 20:43
Моя заинька.Какая хитрюша лиса.💋👍💜
Koshandia 13 January 2020 18:00
Ой, трогательный какой Месси!...
Gretchen Wagenseller
Gretchen Wagenseller 13 January 2020 12:15
Adorable. Incredibly affectionate. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Яна Лукаш
Яна Лукаш 12 January 2020 23:45
Может просто ботинки чем то пахнут?
mwbright 11 January 2020 19:38
I'm so in love with your cat pal. I'd even move to Russia if I had a Messi waiting for me, even with that scumbag in the Kremlin.
Айша 11 January 2020 08:29
Теперь каждый раз Саша опаздывает
Fire WalkWithMe
Fire WalkWithMe 10 January 2020 01:34
Messi 's much nicer than my house cat was. 😂😂😂
Chris Foster
Chris Foster 9 January 2020 03:19
Puma Nip......
dajn 1
dajn 1 9 January 2020 00:56
Messi is cute as a button. I thought my cat was big at 20 pounds.😅
TGM 12.250 fgfgf
TGM 12.250 fgfgf 8 January 2020 12:08
ну па , я не хочу с мамой,мама строгая , возьми меня с собой.
Ольга Орлова
Ольга Орлова 8 January 2020 09:34
По моему,полировку ботинок можно сразу делать пумой,так проще...)
Георгий Гайдаш
Георгий Гайдаш 7 January 2020 21:11
Igor Litvintsev
Igor Litvintsev 6 January 2020 17:46
Вам нужно большой дом в джунглях. И много денег на счёте
Саша Офренко
Саша Офренко 5 January 2020 21:36
Заведите ему кота, тогда ему не будет скучно, и он не будет так страдать, что остаётся один. Поэтому у нас два кота. И счастливы.
Lucky traveler
Lucky traveler 4 January 2020 20:22
Когда девушке нужно внимание))
Надежда Юлмасова
Надежда Юлмасова 4 January 2020 00:58
Deb Beery
Deb Beery 3 January 2020 11:10
My goodness, how wonderful it must be....!!!I am a BIG fan of all the cats, large and small...!!!is there any way I can help? Wish I could touch these beautiful creatures.... I am subscribed to your channel, and wonder if you sell any merchandise of these beauties..???!???Thanks for sharing them with us all.... My name is Deb Beery. [email protected]
NothingMaster 3 January 2020 03:47
I’m an absolute dog lover, but I’ve never seen a more precious and loving creature than Messi the cougar. Just knowing that he exists makes me feel hopeful about the evolutionary future of the Universe.
luba Plyndina
luba Plyndina 2 January 2020 10:43
Папа и мама такие искренние и милые ребята.что рядом с ними Месси ничему плохому науиться не может .Чудо семья пример для многих из нас.А Месси открыл ее нам Любим вас от всей души .Остается пожелать еще и малыша лялю , няня уже есть . В новом доме вам дай Бог деточек Школу родителей вы уже прошли.Здоровья , радости ,тепла , исполнения всех ваших желаний . Будьте счастливы!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
MrJamesHartline 2 January 2020 06:37
In America I absolutely love your videos about Messi. She is, without question, the most unusual and magnificent big cat in the history of documenting wild animals who've been domesticated or trained for entertainment or performance of animals in man-made habitats. The only example that comes close to your relationship to Messi is the story of Elsa the abandoned lioness cub and her two siblings who were raised by game warden George Adamson and his wife Joy. Their story of caring for and raising Elsa and eventually returning her to the wild was told in the best selling book and Academy Awarding winning movie Born Free. I don't think Messi could ever be returned to the wild and you will be taking care of her for the rest of her life. To be honest when I first started watching your videos I thought it was insane for you to keep a Puma in your home. History is filled with examples of individuals who get very dangerous wild animals like lions, chimpanzees, lynx, deadly snakes and other creatures like bears and they raise them in their homes as if they are their human children and they forget that such wild animals can change without any warning back into their basic predatory instincts. Whether they do so out of being playful or confusion or panic, these types of domesticated big cats have been known to suddenly attack their owners who've raised them for years and they have mauled their owners to death. In the case of a woman who had raised a chimpanzee for two decades as if the chimp was her human baby, the chimp suddenly attacked a friend of the chimp's owner and completely disfigured and destroyed her face, ripping her nose completely off her face and ripping her scalp completelly off of her skull. In the case of Messi, I have never seen anything like her. She doen't manifest any predatory extincts at all. In fact in one of your videos where you had the sturgeon in the bathtrub Messi wouldn't even kill the fish. She played with it, but she would not harm it. Now, I did notice she snarled at it which is a warning sign. She is completely passive and submissive in every way. She is truly a beautiful, rare creature made by God. I am curious, do you think that Messi is so unusually passive and non-threatening because she has never been exposed to her breed's typical development of being trained by a parental puma to hunt and kill? Do you think it is possible for a big cat like Messi to be completely segregated from birth from her breed's instinctual tendency to be one of the most dangerous and deadly violent predator killers in the wild so that she never learns or develops killer instincts? Or do you have any concerns that in the future she could suddently turn on you or someone else for some unexpected reason? i really do love all your videos with the fascinating, extraordinary Messi.
teenie beenie
teenie beenie 1 January 2020 13:28
it must be hard to be apart from him, such love !!!!
андрей викторович
андрей викторович 30 December 2019 20:51
Хороший и умный котик 👍
Елена Бокова
Елена Бокова 30 December 2019 06:26
Вы такие молодцы,столько любви и заботы 😍
Niousha Naderi
Niousha Naderi 30 December 2019 02:37
I have no idea what the Russian comments are saying but im assuming its good so ill like them all :)
silver chisire
silver chisire 29 December 2019 20:02
Ой,как мимишно!!!
MrKonstant 29 December 2019 18:36
Куда это он просится?))))
rolo6932 29 December 2019 12:08
OMG, this is soooooooo adorable! Messi sure loves his daddy!
evdukov 28 December 2019 15:47
надо просто продолжать собираться и идти -_-может ему и не надо с вами)
Ира Кудряшова
Ира Кудряшова 28 December 2019 12:27
Сама любовь.
Евгений Медведев
Евгений Медведев 27 December 2019 20:34
Посмотрел несколько роликов про эту пуму и понял что хочу себе пуму)))
serg molchanov
serg molchanov 27 December 2019 17:20
И интеллект... Сравнивать не с кем, разве с нами.
serg molchanov
serg molchanov 27 December 2019 17:18
Хитрость кота и преданность собаки! Плюс огромная любовь, обоюдная! Это нечто!
Ольга Григорьева
Ольга Григорьева 27 December 2019 11:06
Как это один пойдешь? Что это за дела? Я с этим не согласен.
Voda Fone
Voda Fone 26 December 2019 19:21
Это феноменально,просто слезы на глазах, спасибо Вам!!!!лайк
Карацупа 26 December 2019 13:30
Такой милый котик, вот бы я его тисканул. Здоровья вашему котику и вам.
Татьяна Ермолова
Татьяна Ермолова 26 December 2019 07:26
А надо было на встречу идти с Месси на поводке, как Казимир Алмазов!
Bumpy Moon
Bumpy Moon 26 December 2019 06:06
Does anybody know if Mess I is declawed??
Дима билан
Дима билан 26 December 2019 04:38
Как я люблю тебя месси
Ulfhedinn Norsk
Ulfhedinn Norsk 25 December 2019 19:33
Меськакот 😌❤️. Truly a cure for sadness ❤️❤️❤️
heyho -игровой канал
heyho -игровой канал 25 December 2019 19:03
Сними как он разговаривает с вами :-)
Светлана Селиванова
Светлана Селиванова 25 December 2019 06:52
Russell 24 December 2019 22:30
Жена не ревнует ?
victrola2007 24 December 2019 03:43
English speakers don't get the full sweetness of Dad calling Messy 'bunny' and 'kitten' as his pet names. Normal loving Dad ( mine also uses 'gulja', i.e. 'dove')
Anita Bakhareva
Anita Bakhareva 23 December 2019 23:26
ржака и умиление)как можно отказать этой милоте)
Сергей Тернавский
Сергей Тернавский 23 December 2019 19:39
В коридоре ,смотрю убирать Вам необходимости нет😁
Dina Strange
Dina Strange 23 December 2019 18:54
Chydo radostnoe
Ирина Романова
Ирина Романова 23 December 2019 09:21
3ак такую пуму не любить.