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irwing hadi Supeno
irwing hadi Supeno Today, 11:57
I wish I can stay forever in Alaska.
Gunjah Mane
Gunjah Mane Yesterday, 21:05
Ctfu did dude say when the white ppl came over there aint no niggas in Alaska smh
Brandon Wright
Brandon Wright 13 December 2019 00:58
Those little nasty ass fish. Why do native Americans eat the nasty shit I’m sorry Jesus damnnnn.the shit Indians believe in wow 😳.
Joey Rivera
Joey Rivera 12 December 2019 21:34
the seal made my mouth water never had but would love to try it
Mya G
Mya G 12 December 2019 12:27
it seems andrew zimmern really likes to use the word “sweet” to describe meats that he loves. haha
Mya G
Mya G 12 December 2019 12:04
when they picked up the marmot, and stretched its short little legs, and threw it on the pit, it really looked fake like a stuffed animal 🧸 lol
Mach6ixx_ 12 December 2019 06:03
them shits was not fried
Eva Sartorius
Eva Sartorius 12 December 2019 04:55
87 years! OMFG! I wish.
Gx19 Films
Gx19 Films 11 December 2019 21:49
Shit is hilarious to me when he be describing the flavors
matanuska high
matanuska high 11 December 2019 16:46
Hooligan is good bait. For better tasting fish lol
da123456man1 11 December 2019 06:00
Baked in a buttery flaky crust..I bet you HE wrote that line 😂😂😂*Eats Wendy’s *Me: I mean the sweet but dull taste of the cow meat really brings out the honey , crunchy tasty bun.
angel marte
angel marte 11 December 2019 05:57
" ... the story of this place, dates back to prehistoric times..." "the natives came here..."I love the way Americans make up their own stories about origins of places and traditions, and then they superlatively start telling those tails that have no connection to reality. Just like that Thanksgiving dinner bullshit, the goodness of Honest Abe and all the war tales about liberating countries ... and then putting people like Pinochet, Amin, Mao Zedong, Trujillo, The Shah in Iran, etc... all MASS MURDERERS...We so reluctant to read... Tonkin, Iraq's WMDs, Op. Northwoods, SS LIBERTY, The babies out of the incubators... Why are we so inclined to go crazy about celebrities?
Basic Coding With Adam
Basic Coding With Adam 11 December 2019 04:05
Hands down the best culinary show in history.
Ladonna Ragsdale
Ladonna Ragsdale 11 December 2019 02:38
I would love to try that seal
Nick Tant
Nick Tant 10 December 2019 05:00
That newspaper guy is confused. Bannock IS NOT hardtack.
Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason 10 December 2019 03:23
Skankhole? More like flavortown. bitch ass fake. 3:41
Samuel Mason
Samuel Mason 10 December 2019 03:19
This guy would eat his mom's asshole if it was placed in front of him.
Lemecemarlo Anchieta
Lemecemarlo Anchieta 9 December 2019 19:17
I've been there and in Juneu too.
Queen Millian
Queen Millian 9 December 2019 03:18
This is one of my favorite shows 😍
Em Dee
Em Dee 9 December 2019 00:48
Just because its ancient and traditional, doesn't mean you should keep doing it.
siciliancannoliandanespresso 8 December 2019 11:03
38:30 this dude just ate rare bear meat, oh God.
MrRatkilr 8 December 2019 09:06
I have hunted all my life. I love eating deer and elk. Now the next time I am out. Going to have to bag some rock chucks to bring home to cook just to see if they are good. They eat grass and stuff just like cows, elk, deer, and rabbits. They should taste just as good? If they don't they will still make a turd.
MC MLee 8 December 2019 06:43
Andrew Zimmer is an ogre
Joe 7 December 2019 22:44
You cant have rare bear meat you fucking idiot. Not even the heart. You probably gave that guy Trichinosis.
Bri Kapp
Bri Kapp 7 December 2019 17:50
Is not fish oil, is FLY oil🤢
Robert Frapples
Robert Frapples 7 December 2019 14:04
SO glad I'm not poor. I'd starve before I'd eat garbage like this.
teny83 7 December 2019 10:40
Andrew zimmerman is fake af.
bagel 7 December 2019 09:42
Tongue. The "poor mans pot roast"It's unfortunate that people are forgetting what pot-roast even is.
Sergey F
Sergey F 6 December 2019 23:04
Great show you make me hungry LOL
T Lathan
T Lathan 6 December 2019 06:01
That caribou head is some good eats!
Olivia Hansen
Olivia Hansen 5 December 2019 19:57
I’d literally rather starve to death, then eat these disgusting things
Patrick Rapan
Patrick Rapan 5 December 2019 13:29
I heard he jizzed on Dayron Arias
John Guarino
John Guarino 5 December 2019 05:53
omg i cant ever watch Yukon gold and not grab my mouth to stop from projectile - - -!!!
John Guarino
John Guarino 5 December 2019 05:50
omg no
Mike 4 December 2019 22:08
Oh damn this guy is still alive?
John Shilling
John Shilling 4 December 2019 00:13
I'm sitting here eating a couple of fillets from the cattle my brother raises. Local butchers and Custom Slaughter Craftsman have all said that he raises the finest beef. On par with anything else they've seen in their careers. These two steacks in front of me are medium rare. Then I see you eating rare to medium rare Wild Black Bear. I am sure that that is the tastiest way to prepare these cuts, but! Big but! My entire life, from my father in the early 60s through this fall of 2019, I have heard nothing but constant warnings about the parasites present in Wild Game. I have heard it too many times for it to be a Wives Tale. A baseless scare. Isn't this a concern in Alaska? Is it too cold for these parasites? Just asking!🤯
Dave Ruble
Dave Ruble 3 December 2019 20:03
😂 we don’t have raccoon or we would be eating them 😂👍
Cesar Tapia
Cesar Tapia 3 December 2019 11:43
Me encanta el programa, tienen algún sitio oficial donde ver todas las temporadas y capítulos pero en español latino?
Joshua Pierre
Joshua Pierre 3 December 2019 07:39
thumbnail looked like a groady vagina.
Jorge Sotelo
Jorge Sotelo 3 December 2019 06:30
Just say it’s good, no need to kiss ass.😂
Dae Perry
Dae Perry 3 December 2019 01:28
PETA is gonna have a heart attack with this one 41:53
a guy
a guy 2 December 2019 08:31
He conducts himself like he is the king. . . King andrew zimmern. . . All hail king zimmern!!!
a guy
a guy 2 December 2019 08:12
I need to get out there
Yung Sorrow
Yung Sorrow 2 December 2019 04:34
Sometimes the best plate is no plate at all
Evil Ninja
Evil Ninja 1 December 2019 19:16
My step mother is from Sitka and I like a lot of things from Alaska but I never could get around herring eggs. But I dont like fish eggs in general.
JayeBird 1 December 2019 05:39
A Vegans Nightmare!🤢🤮
Jeanette Davies
Jeanette Davies 1 December 2019 05:37
Wow this is one of the best episoes.
Manuel Abreu
Manuel Abreu 30 November 2019 17:31
The coolest guy Andrew Zimmerman
Billy Johnson
Billy Johnson 30 November 2019 04:01
Miss you Andrew Zimern
Dx Fire
Dx Fire 29 November 2019 19:27
Guy doesn't wanna offend anyone so he gives way too much superficial vibes