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Boosted Today, 06:35
Would love to figure out what kind of cats I have but haven’t found out yet
Jennifer Today, 02:02
I owned a Norwegian Forest cat
Jennifer E.
Jennifer E. Today, 00:15
when will you mongoloids stop treating africa like a monolith of a continent, north africa is vastly different to the south. yall irk
Purry Furry
Purry Furry Yesterday, 23:26
Much beautiful! 💖
Montgomery Webster
Montgomery Webster Yesterday, 20:12
The Savannah Cat must be more rare than the serval, since it is a hybrid between a serval and a domestic cat.
Squishy Yesterday, 09:13
I think i have a raggamuffin Yep i do
Zephefula Yesterday, 08:27
I've got a Bombay and she is a very loving cat
All-Around Vlog
All-Around Vlog Yesterday, 03:21
Puspin cat in the Philippines is the best
hristina1978 4 December 2019 00:35
Number 13... Joey:"That's not a cat" 😜
Mad 4 Cats
Mad 4 Cats 3 December 2019 22:48
Aww beautiful! 🐱
Trausti Þór
Trausti Þór 3 December 2019 11:57
Proud owner of a Norwegian Forest Cat 🐈
Andrew Swanepoel
Andrew Swanepoel 3 December 2019 10:39
I have a Norwegian first and Turkish van
Chef NarDane
Chef NarDane 3 December 2019 05:26
Enjoyed your video, I am a proud owner of a JAG. There are around 350 in the world. The breeding program came to an end this year. Its a beauty!
SK3LPZ 3 December 2019 01:35
My cat is half ragdoll half bombay, i never knew it was so damn rare.
Meow The Cat
Meow The Cat 2 December 2019 17:25
Most purr!🐾💖
bodysnatchers 4 ever
bodysnatchers 4 ever 2 December 2019 12:33
I couldn't resist the thumbnail
TheUrratha 2 December 2019 12:08
The way this guy talks is unbearable
svryv 2 December 2019 04:04
my cat is rare but not a rare breed. she is a girl and her breed is mostly male
Kitty Takeover
Kitty Takeover 2 December 2019 03:15
Aw meow! 🐾💖
Linda Brotherton
Linda Brotherton 2 December 2019 01:46
My grandson has a Bombay beautiful he's shy and Huge
Linda Brotherton
Linda Brotherton 2 December 2019 01:44
I had a cat whose fur was soft like a rabbit and had a rabbit tail. He was called Monster face by his owners before us. I renamed him Madhatter because of his fur pattern on hiss face and head.
Adil Sarker
Adil Sarker 1 December 2019 18:31
I think I want the British Shorthair.
Purry Furry
Purry Furry 1 December 2019 15:40
Aw cutie! 🐱💖
Jack Meehof
Jack Meehof 1 December 2019 13:12
I once fostered a Norwegian Forrest cat for about 8 months. Claude his name was. great cat
Martin G
Martin G 1 December 2019 10:56
One question: where's the Savannah?
dr cody
dr cody 1 December 2019 10:01
I had a great cat once but he ran away when I moved and I never found him. A year later I was walking to work and I took a path that went through my old neighborhood when who walks right in front of me? I couldn't believe it was my cat! He still had the same homemade collar I made him. I guess he just ran back there eventually but it was about 5 or 6 kms away and I had driven him so it's not like he had a scent trail. He's still around. Cats are amazing people!
Avex GD
Avex GD 1 December 2019 09:24
Bibasik7: Taming an ocelot isnt that hard, you just have to sneak up on it and right click on it with a fish.Me: Forgets i have my controls mirrored
Stoney Blvck
Stoney Blvck 1 December 2019 08:03
I have a sokoke which is one of the rarest cats in the world
Wolf Noir *wolfissimo*
Wolf Noir *wolfissimo* 1 December 2019 04:45
6:28 and 10:19will: writtengrave: dugfuneral: plannedrelatives and friends: alertedtombstone: writtencoffin: pickedlife: endedhotel: trivago
NoVanity1 1 December 2019 03:46
Servals and Caracals are wild animals and do not make good pets. Shame on you for giving anyone the impression that they can own one. The pet trade of wild cats is not regulated well and very corrupt.
Joshuabz561 1 December 2019 03:06
My friend has a Korat
Memo Crll
Memo Crll 1 December 2019 00:32
A van cat has different eye colours, one blue other green.
Coppertunes 30 November 2019 20:43
No 1... There is no such cat as a panther. What your describing is a black leopard, or black jaguar, often wrongly called a black panther.
Nick Eliacin
Nick Eliacin 30 November 2019 18:32
Dang it! YouTube recommendations made me love cats, I’m suppose to be a dog person.
Chris Searle
Chris Searle 30 November 2019 12:24
Some confusion here about what a ´species ‘ actually is.
HomelessBox 30 November 2019 11:02
I used to have a Turkish van but i never really paid attention to its breed until my sister saw him in the pool which really confused me
Cevdet Canpolat
Cevdet Canpolat 30 November 2019 04:27
Sam of Turkish Van cats has colorful eyes ( 2 eyes are different colors)
May Nubz
May Nubz 29 November 2019 23:16
Did the Peterbald remind anybody else about Friends? 😂😂😂
Midnight London The Great
Midnight London The Great 29 November 2019 22:35
I have the Egyptian mou but I didn't know it was rare. My cat hardly ever meows and only meows when it's happy. My cat also never scratches anybody. I would breed my cat but she is spayed
Curtis Rupp
Curtis Rupp 29 November 2019 21:06
Watching this with my friend a Turkish Van ☺
ScottOne 29 November 2019 20:37
Really, ScottishFold is pretty damn rare I thought. I have never seen one.
Moonlit_Sky2712 29 November 2019 18:14
I have a black and white Bombay cat named Moonlight. Shes the smartest cat I've ever had, she comes when I call her. Strangely, she meows at the basement door and wont give up until I let her down...One last thing, when I put my hand out in a fist, she'll run from wherever she is and headbutt my hand until I pet her 😅
Lance Marinc
Lance Marinc 29 November 2019 16:23
I got a korat for free because it was a stray
Pikachu ak
Pikachu ak 29 November 2019 14:49
I have a British short hair but his so silence and he loves to stay in the sun with him legs in the air
Janet Cousins
Janet Cousins 29 November 2019 12:32
Only in racist America is a black cat considered bad. lol. They are loved and even revered in other countries
kyle patterson
kyle patterson 29 November 2019 10:05
Our cats our jerks
priya majeed
priya majeed 28 November 2019 15:07
I am taken by surprise. I was surprised when i attended a cat show - video is, 👍👌
TigerDragon1001 28 November 2019 14:04
I know channels like this aren’t the pinnacle of accuracy but this video is just outright irresponsible... Honestly shame on you for categorising this as educational. Aside from a throwaway line about the Geoffroy’s cat you make zero distinction between domestic and wild cats. Servals, caracals, ocelots, and Geoffroy’s cats aren’t “exotic breeds” they’re WILD ANIMALS that should never be considered as pets.Also the mixing up of “breed” and “species” clearly indicates a lack of knowledge far deeper than just name confusion. “Sometimes, you're not born into the world an original, you're created... A great example of this is the Serengeti”“Egyptian Mau is unique because its spots are actually natural to it. No breeding or development required”“The Turkish Van’s history is pretty unique as well. They were originally found in the 1800s in Turkey”Do you not realise that every single cat breed has been “created” by humans? As in, selectively bred from one species (African wildcat)? Serengetis are not special in that sense. Egyptian Mau WERE bred to have spots - they just didn’t have to be crossed with a wildcat to get said spots. Turkish Vans weren’t “found” in Turkey, they didn’t evolve naturally (the breed wasn’t even developed in Turkey, it was developed in the U.K...). And I’m not even gonna go into the other errors like the mispronunciation, straight up wrong statements and other things.. I’m sure other people can get into it way better than I can. I’m not a cat breed expert, just a zoology student, lmao.
Editing Edin
Editing Edin 28 November 2019 02:31
I had a Norwegian forest cat a few years ago and one day he went missing, i miss him every day
dkstarcraft 27 November 2019 08:16
My cat really looks like an egyptian mau...